A Case of Conscience (After Such Knowledge, #4)

A Case of Conscience (After Such Knowledge, #4)

ISBN: 0345438353

ISBN 13: 9780345438355

Publication Date: September 05, 2000

Publisher: Del Rey

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback

Authors: James Blish, Greg Bear

3.66 of 4,154

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Father Ruiz-Sanchez is a dedicated man--a priest who is also a scientist, and a scientist who is also a human being. He has found no insoluble conflicts in his beliefs or his ethics . . . until he is sent to Lithia. There he comes upon a race of aliens who are admirable in every way except for their total reliance on cold reason; they are incapable of faith or belief.

Confronted with a profound scientific riddle and ethical quandary, Father Ruiz-Sanchez soon finds himself torn between the teachings of his faith, the teachings of his science, and the inner promptings of his humanity. There is only one solution: He must accept an ancient and unforgivable heresy--and risk the futures of both worlds . . .

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