Return of the Starfighter

Return of the Starfighter

Publication Date: September 14, 2012


Pages: 464

Format: Kindle Edition

Authors: Ken Farmer, Buck Stienke

3.95 of 42

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The People's Republic of China demands repayment of trillions in gold of our massive federal! President Annette Thompson refuses.
Rogue military elements within the Red Chinese government, led by megalomaniac Admiral Huang Meng secretly neutralize all of the US top line fighters, bombers and missiles. America is virtually defenseless.
With an armada larger than any seen since D-Day, Meng and his forces are set to invade the west coast of America. Their daring plan is to capture and hold California, Oregon and Washington states in payment for the multi-trillion dollar debt and their belief that China actually discovered America in 1422, seventy years before Columbus.
With overwhelming sea and air power, including their own version of the F-22 stealth fighter and a pair of fast catamaran ultra-super nuclear carriers, the Chinese have numerical and qualitative superiority over the decimated U.S. forces.
General Jack Stewart steps in with a bold plan to reactivate the "Old Iron" in storage at the Davis-Monthan boneyard. Can he pull off the defense of the United States with the help of forty and fifty year old aircraft? The ultra-secret and deadly Black Eagle Force is tasked to assist the interception the massive Chinese invasion fleet at all costs. The fate of America hangs in the balance.

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