Arcane II

Arcane II

Publication Date: January, 2013

Publisher: Cold Fusion Media

Pages: 279

Format: Kindle Edition

Authors: Nathan Shumate, Craig Pay, Michael Haynes, Ian Welke, Gef Fox, Andrew Bourelle, Michael B. Fletcher

4.07 of 13

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Twenty-one weird and unsettling stories. Contains work by Michael Fletcher, Ian Welke, Gef Fox, Libby Cudmore, Matthew Quinn Martin, Philip M. Roberts, Harry Markov, Joanna Parypinski, Miranda Ciccone, Steve Toase, Anna Sykora, Nicole M. Taylor, Jean Graham, Michael Haynes, Milo James Fowler, Priya Sharma, Andrew Bourelle, Craig Pay, Patrick S. McGinnity, Adele Gardner, Eric Dimbleby, and Brooke Miller.

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