ISBN: 080400045X

ISBN 13: 9780804000451

Publication Date: January 01, 1964

Publisher: Swallow Press

Pages: 122

Format: Paperback

Authors: Anaïs Nin, Jean Varda

3.85 of 614

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Collages explores a world of fantasy and dreams through an eccentric young painter. A radical work in its time (1964), Anais Nin dispensed with normal structural convention and allowed her characters to wander freely in space and time in an attempt to describe life with the disconnected clarity of a dream in which hip and freakish lives intersect or merge.

Perhaps reflecting a developing contemporary awareness of abstract art, Collages is a series of impressions rather than a coherent whole, a shifting notebook indelibly inscribed with Nin's humour, invention and unrivalled gift for sensuous description.

"A handful of perfectly told fables" -- Times Literary Supplement

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