The Rediscovery of Man

The Rediscovery of Man

ISBN: 1857988191

ISBN 13: 9781857988192

Publication Date: May 13, 1999

Publisher: Gollancz

Pages: 368

Format: Paperback

Author: Cordwainer Smith

4.16 of 2,175

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This is the 1999 British edition from Gollancz that includes 12 of the most famous short stories from Cordwainer Smith's "Instrumentality of Mankind" universe. His complete stories are collected in the 1993 NESFA edition called "The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith". The stories feature governing 'Lords of the Instrumentality' that are immortal with drug 'stroon' from planet Norstrilia. Underpeople are humanoid slaves genetically modified from animals. Starships are replaced by instantaneous planoforming. A unique and strange future history unlike any other.

Scanners Live in Vain (1950)
The Lady Who Sailed the Soul (1960)
The Game of Rat and Dragon (1955)
The Burning of the Brain (1958)
Golden the Ship Was---Oh! Oh! Oh! (1959)
The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal (1964)
The Dead Lady of Clown Town (1964)
Under Old Earth (1966)
Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons (1961)
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (1961)
The Ballad of Lost C'mell (1962)
A Planet Named Shayol (1961)

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