Furtual Horizons

Furtual Horizons

ISBN 13: 9781614501985

Publication Date: September, 2014

Publisher: Rainfurrest

Pages: 312

Format: Paperback

Authors: Garret Biggerstaff, Shelled Spirit Bear, Shelly Alan, David Alan, Friday, Egypt Urnash, Savestate Comic, Rhari, Ulos12, Danika Jane, Jayelle Anderson, Fever Low, Laura “Munchkin” Lewis, Direlda, Ocean Tigrox, Ryan Hickey, Kyell Gold, Tarl "Voice" Hoch

4.00 of 7

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The RainFurrest Annual Charity Anthology was created to celebrate and showcase the literary aspect of the anthropomorphics fandom as well as to raise funds for charity.

Enter a world of sprawling corporate complexes, of bright lights and darker shadows, and the people that make their mark in the spaces between.

Furtual Horizons features the following stories:

Artificial Evolution by Shelled Spirit Bear
Speciation by Fever Low
Tech Flesh by Laura “Munchkin” Lewis
Neural Enrichment by Direlda
Skin Deep by Garret “Hunter” Biggerstaff
Rich Kid by Tarl “Voice” Hoch
Cat’s Cradle by Ocean Tigrox
Fast Food Fight by Ryan Hickey
Top Priority by Kyell Gold
The Shield by Shelly Alan & David Alan
Pluto’s Prison by Friday

With a cover by Egypt Urnash and story illustrations by Savestate Comic, Rhari, Ulos12, Danika Jane, Jayelle Anderson and David Alan.

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