Serving Him

Serving Him

Author: Season Parker

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After just a couple weeks of half hearted work as a waitress, Jenny was banging Nathan every time he came around. She thought she had him fooled...

You're a dirty little slut, aren't you?" I looked directly at her, and she didn't reply that she loved Nathan. She just looked away, admitting the truth in my words.

"From now on, you're going to do exactly as I tell you. If you don't, you lose your job." There! She did resent that a bit. But the flush in her face, the shine in her eyes, it couldn't just be anger or surprise at being called a slut. I wanted to be sure.

"Alright, get up!" I helped her up, but as soon as she was standing, I put my hand on her hip, trailing down her belly, then her thigh and going up again under her skirt. At the junction of her thighs, I met no resistance. She was not wearing panties, probably on account of Nathan. But I refused to dwell on the fact and my fingers found her snatch quickly. Her little well was definitely not dried up. I swiped the moisture greedily and stopped her from looking away or down with my other hand.

"Would you look at that?" I smelled her juices: sweet but acidic. I presented my fingers to her mouth, for her to smell too. She could not deny that either giving me that blowjob under duress or me getting rough on her hadn't turned her on. "Lick it." She didn't protest, and started licking my fingers.

"Are you turned on, slut?" She didn't want to reply, but my firm hand on her chin would not let her escape my staring eyes. "Yes" she said grudgingly. As in all other things, it is the first step that is the hardest to take, so I pressed on. "You want my cock in your dirty little pussy, don't you?" The flash in her eyes told me even before she replied that it was the first thing on her mind. I was excited too, I wanted it, but at the same time, I wanted her to be denied. "Oh yes, give it to me."

"What makes you think you've earned it? If you want it, then you're going to show me you deserve it." My hand was back on her crotch, and my fingers were insinuating themselves in her slippery folds. Her willpower was going to wane quickly.

"Beg me for it."

Tags: BDSM Dominance Submission Erotica Seduction Romance BDSM

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