Ghost Whisperer: The Empty Desk: Ghost Whisperer Series #1

Ghost Whisperer: The Empty Desk: Ghost Whisperer Series #1

ISBN: 1443446009

ISBN 13: 9781443446006

Publication Date: October 06, 2015

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 200

Format: ebook

Author: Steve Lockley

4.08 of 6

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For years a single desk at Grandview Elementary School has sat empty, avoided by every child who passes through its classroom. Across town, a mother waits for a daughter who didn’t return home. And from a distance, a young woman mourns the sister she lost.

Only Melinda Gordon can communicate with the spirit of the little girl who occupied the empty desk. Alone and afraid, the child harbours a secret that is stopping her from moving on, and it is up to Melinda to help the child resolve her past and bring closure to those she loved.

Based on the hit television series Ghost Whisperer, the new novel The Empty Desk continues the story of Melinda Gordon, a young woman with the extraordinary ability to see and communicate with ghosts, who uses this gift to help spirits cross over into the spirit world.

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