The Ghouls

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from the dust-jacket:
"The Ghouls: edited by Peter Haining, with an introduction by Vincent Price and an afterword by Christopher Lee"

"Will any of us ever forget the first time we saw Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney? Or The Beast with Five Fingers with Peter Lorre? Or Die, Monster, Die with Boris Karloff? Whether we saw them as first-run films at the local theater or are only now becoming addicted to 'Chiller Theater' on television, the ghoul-watchers among us are in for a rare treat.

The Ghouls is a horror film buff's dream. Peter Haining has collected the stories on which eighteen of the very best horror films were based..."

"...In his introductions to each story, Mr. Haining provides a brief look at the story itself and the films made from it, including some fascinating bits of information about the making of the motion picture."

Stories included:
The Devil in a Convent
The Lunatics
Puritan Passions
Phantom of the Opera
The Magician
Most Dangerous Game
Dracula's Daughter
All that Money Can Buy
The Body Snatcher
The Beast with Five Fingers
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
The Fly
Black Sunday
Incident at Owl Creek
Die, Monster, Die!
The Skull
The Oblong Box

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