Outbreak (The Cerebral #1)

Outbreak (The Cerebral #1)

Author: Stuart Keane

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Barrington is a quiet town; friendly, quaint, and welcoming.

But like any other town, it has its fair share of secrets, none more so than Dr Nichols, a talented scientist whose mysterious existence is marred by spiteful gossip, urban legend and exaggerated speculation. Residing in the picturesque mansion on the hill, people see the man as a ghoul, a pariah who experiments on innocent people. Yet, despite their willingness to partake in the hearsay, no one has ever confirmed these malicious rumours…

Then Dr Nichol receives a tragic phone call.

A call that changes his simple life forever, one that strips him of his cherished identity. Unknown to the residents of Barrington, Dr Nichol is aware of their negative feelings towards him, and when the call comes through instead of a personal house visit, the blame for the loss falls squarely on the town itself.

With his life in ruins, and his professional courtesy affronted, Dr Nichol exacts a plan of horrific revenge that will have dire consequences for the population of Barrington.

The outbreak is about to begin...

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