A Maggot

A Maggot

ISBN: 0316290491

ISBN 13: 9780316290494

Publication Date: July 14, 1998

Publisher: Back Bay Books

Pages: 455

Format: Paperback

Author: John Fowles

3.55 of 2,153

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In this magnificent and compelling novel, bestselling author John Fowles has created a dazzlingly erotic tale of obsession and desire, madness and murder. Four men and one woman, all traveling under assumed names, are crossing the Devonshire countryside on their way toward a mysterious rendezvous in the spring of 1736. But nothing is as it seems. Before their violent and enigmatic journey ends, one will be hanged, one will vanish, and the others will face a murder trial. A haunting book about the very nature of truth and lies and of the conflict between reason and superstition, A Maggot is at once a rousing detective story and a glimpse from the eighteenth century into the future.

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