ISBN: 0671737732

ISBN 13: 9780671737733

Publication Date: June 01, 1991

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pages: 309

Format: Paperback

Author: Linda Lael Miller

3.93 of 575

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Beautiful and resilient, Willow would choose which way love would steer heart....

Montana was a wide-open, lawless land when the golden haired Willow married Gideon—a railroad magnate turned U.S. Marshal. Their union was tempestuous and passionate, a mating of two fiery, strong-willed souls destined for each other.

But Willow's love for her husband was matched by her devotion to her outlaw brother, a renegade pursued by a man sworn to hunt him down—Gideon! Willow had to choose...she could betray her own kin, or risk everything—even the love she had dreamed of all her life—to save him.

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